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They had been going out together for sometime. This was to be just another date at the park.

She was very tense. He was relaxed.

She had decided she was going to have to tell him. He had made a decision, he knew was right. They arrived at the park. He helped her out of the car. He carried the small wicker basket he had brought filled. with something special for her.

As they walked through the park. He noticed all the beauty that the park had to offer. Its old and young trees of various shades and types. The different flowers of the seasons in bloom with various shapes and colors. 


The lake filled with crystal clear blue water, had swans and ducks swimming in it. A small pier extended out into the lake for a short distance “This truly was the right place,” he thought. She didn't notice anything. All she could think was of the pain that was in her heart, as she tried to build up the courage to tell him.

          They came to a bench not far from the lakes edge. He laid The wicker basket down on it. He open the lid and took out a beautiful single red rose. He turned and walked towards her. She stood at the lakes edge with her back to him. Going over and over in her mind as to how she was going to tell him. Fear stalked in her heart. She knew she had to tell him now. 

He touched her on the shoulder gently. She turned, her eyes filled with anxiety and tears. His eyes where full of love. He gave her the rose. She blurted out "I love you!” He took her in his arms and said, “I love you too! Will you marry me?” Her heart leapt with joy, “Yes!" she gasped, as he kissed her.

As they sat on the bench looking over the lake, He took out of the basket, a pair of crystal glasses and a bottle of champagne. He filled the glasses with the golden liquid of love.

A lovers toast was made between them. Then they began to talk about their future together. Each knowing that their love was forever.

After awhile they took a walk along the lake. She carried in her hand his expression of love, the beautiful red rose he had given her. They strolled as lovers stroll. Their eyes full of love for each other. 

They came to the small pier jetting out into the water and walked across it to the far railing. All the while holding hands and never wanting to let go. They stopped and watched the swans swimming together. They turned, facing each other. He took her in his strong, comforting arms. He pulled her up against him, both hearts pounding with loves passion. “I love you,” she gasped. His reply was a kissed filled with his love and passion for her.



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