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This is a picture of Bear and her family.  Bear is the one in the middle (as you can plainly see Bear has the good looks in the family).  We were asked to take this family portrait a few years ago because the family of three was about to become four.
We were honored and pleased to be chosen to photograph the wedding that was about to join the four individuals into a new family.
The first time I met Bear I was forewarned that she was very protective of her family, especially when it came to men. I found her very friendly and eager to please. I watched as she tried to play basketball with the boys, blocking and stealing the ball. This was amazing to me because Bear had three legs. She had lost one leg years before, in an accident involving a car and a smart aleck cat. She did not accept this loss as a disability, instead she continued to pursue an active life of camping, hiking, Frisbee and yes, basketball too.       
We were asked to photograph the new family last fall. We chose a city park with a liberal leash law and lots of space. We packed lots of doggie treats, People treats, and our gear. We spent two hours of a beautiful day playing and taking photographs. We are sad to say it was the last time we saw Bear; she passed away a few short weeks later.

Some might question this story's place on the families page, but for some of us our "pets" make up an important part of our life, and that is a great part of who and what we are. They are family.


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