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Weddings are a very special event in our lives. It joins two people, it joins two families. It will change the lives of everybody present and many people not present. It is a solemn event because of this change.  It is a Joyous event because it is an affirmation of love and an affirmation of life. Everybody attending is asked to witness this affirmation and  invited to join in the celebration of life.

Our story begins:  

In the dawn a small country church sat waiting; a wedding was to be performed on it’s hallowed grounds. The little church had been decorated the day before. It was ready now. Only the special couple, their families and friends needed to arrive.


After awhile, a sound of rushing footsteps were heard with giggles of excitement.

 The doors to the sanctuary opened. The bride entered all dressed up in her beautiful white  gown with her maid of honor. Their excitement over-flowed into whispers and giggles about the coming event. They rushed up to the altar and stood unable to contain their laughter as the photographers took their pictures. When they were done, the bride and her friend went into one of the small waiting rooms. 

Others started to arrive and the church began to fill.

Then the time came for the groom and his best man to walk up and stand on the right side of the altar, waiting for the music to begin. The best man smiled.  He leaned over to the groom, “It’s your last chance to escape” he said, making a gesture towards the "Exit". The groom laughed, “Not on your life” he answered. He had been anticipating this hour far too long. His thoughts, were on the one woman he loved, who was to become his wife. 

The minister came over and stood waiting in front of the altar and the music started.


 The bride and her father entered the church sanctuary and slowly walked down the aisle. As they approached, the groom stepped forward. The bride turned to her father and gently kissed his cheek and wiped the tear that was starting to roll down his face.  Her father turned and placed her hand in his future son-in-law's hand.

  They both turned to face the minister. After several words of instruction the minister came to that question.  “If there is anyone who believes that this couple should not be joined in Holy Matrimony, let him speak now or forever hold his peace!”  Everyone in the church looked around, but no sound was made. Then a sigh was heard throughout the pews as the minister began the marriage ceremony.

Both hearts were beating with excitement and love as they said their vows before God. The rings were exchanged as they promised to love, honor, cherish...till death do us part.  The minister said, “I now pronounce you husband and wife. He turned to the groom smiling, “You may now kiss the bride.”

He lifted her face up towards his as he leaned down to kiss her. Their lips met and lingered for a moment, in loves warm and embracing kiss. They parted slightly, and turned to walk back down the aisle.



I think Japan is a very romantic. I want to go there and photograph weddings and bridal portraits. I am a photographer in my studio but Tokyo or Yokohama is where I want to go, Matsuyama must be great I want to goto Fuji-Yoshida and stand at the foot of Fuji-San and make my images of weddings. I will be a wedding photographer in Kyoto someday! 

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