Weddings II

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 They first had to stop and sign the marriage certificate. She felt her heart give a leap as she signed her new name on the certificate. He also signed the certificate and then followed her as they turned to go to the reception hall. They were greeted by family and friends, who surrounded them and congratulated them on their new union of love.


At the entrance of the reception hall, waiting in line, were the proud parents of the bride and groom. The groom gave the bride a hug as they joined the reception line. “Oh! How beautiful you look,” said one of her aunts, with tears in her eyes.  Many of the friends attending complimented and congratulated the new couple. 

Everyone gathered in line at the buffet with the bride and groom leading as it was now time to eat. As most of the guests were finishing their meal the bride and groom were toasted by the best man. The father of the bride and the groom's father added their words of praise and hopes for the new couples' future.  Children were running around the hall excitedly playing with the balloons and dancing on the dance floor while the adults watched the noisy chatterings of the joyful fun.



After eating, the brides' mother came over and told them it was time to cut the cake. There they stood with his hand over hers as they cut their first slice of  wedding cake. Then, dividing the slice in half, each took a piece of the cake and the twinkle in their eye's said "this is war". She "accidently" slipped and shoved some frosting in his eye.  He "retaliated" by shoving the cake in her face. Now they both had to get cleaned up.  All was in good fun.   


When all had taken part in eating some of the cake, the band began playing their favorite love song. The groom led his bride out on the dance floor. He wrapped his arms around her and she snuggled into his arms clinging to him. Their hearts were pounding as one with love’s desire as they danced around the dance floor. Some of the friends and families began to dance too, while others sat at the tables talking and watching the bride and groom.        


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